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Maybe not. If you’re happy enough with the patient or client volume you’re getting, and you’re confident enough it will continue, then keep doing what you’re doing. It’s working.

Our Clients are Committed to Making a Change

Here are some challenges our clients describe when we first meet them:

  • We have a strong reputation, but other practices near us have more online reviews than we do.
  • I’m growing but still doing everything myself. I’m ready to start outsourcing certain functions. Marketing is one of them.
  • Our staff does our marketing. They’re good when they get to it, but I know we should be doing it more consistently.
  • New patient gains for us feels like it’s feast or famine. We need to get new patients more consistently.
  • We offer a number of services but really only get patients for a few of them. We need help growing patient volume in more services. What we try doesn’t work.
  • Most of our patients come from referring providers. We have a business development person focused on them, but that person can’t take on any more. We want to add more providers without hiring another person to do it.
  • We have an in-house marketing team. They’ve got as much as they can handle. We need more hands without hiring more full-time equivalent employees.

Ready to Hire a Healthcare Marketing Agency?

Our clients are committed to growing. They know it takes ongoing healthcare marketing to do it. Some clients were doing marketing themselves. They realized they couldn’t keep up with it anymore. Other clients were already outsourcing their marketing but weren’t happy with the results they were getting.

What Do You Need from a Healthcare Marketing Agency?

That depends. If you need to grow a lot and quickly, you need more marketing than if you need to grow more slowly and have more time.

No matter how much growth you need, we believe that doing marketing systematically is the best way to do it. A system has a goal, affordable strategies to reach it, is measured each month, and is improved based on how it’s working. No idea-of-the-week or ping-ponging around.

How we Work - First, We Take Healthcare Marketing off your Plate...

We are a healthcare marketing agency. We start by assessing your growth goals and the marketing you’re doing to reach them. Then, we propose the marketing we believe you need. We offer marketing packages and a la carte services.

Marketing Packages

a la carte Marketing Services

Good for clients who need to grow a lot and more quickly

Good for clients who don’t need a full package



...Then, We Take Healthcare Marketing off your Mind

What's the point of outsourcing your healthcare marketing if the quality of work is low?  Do the answers to your questions not make any sense? Are they calling you unnecessarily? Are they making you look bad to your manager?

At MarketVisory Group we strive for peace of mind. Our ultimate goal with our clients is to earn their confidence so they know we've got their marketing under control. The advice we give is thought through and puts them first. We think like this every day.

We're proud of our track record so far.  Click here to read what our clients have to say.

I’ve spent most of my career doing marketing for large healthcare companies in very competitive markets. I know how to get providers, nurses, and patients to consider what we offer in a  compelling and authentic way.

Working with us means we join your team. We win together. We take the patient’s mindset, listen hard, avoid marketing and digital techo-speak, hold ourselves accountable, and treat your time and money like it’s ours.

If you have a challenge growing your practice and want deep healthcare expertise on your side, take the next step and and contact me.


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