When his experience combines with a proven marketing system for success, it can be a fantastic asset for those interested in growing patient volume and ensuring a higher level of brand consistency in a practice.
Dan Gershenson
Carl White is a fantastic communicator! Our association was fortunate enough to have Carl present at our 2019 Healthcare Summit.
A Google User
Carl White did an awesome job teaching our interns the ins and outs of small business healthcare marketing. He broke everything down into small, manageable steps, all the while helping them to construct a meaningful, values-based plan for their businesses. Highly recommend!
Meg Bowman
He is very thorough and will definitely help you increase your chances of earning more business.
John Blangiardo
Carl recently spoke to the State of IL Continuity of Care organization and gave a terrific overview to our marketing professionals of tips and enhancements in promoting their businesses.
Christine Mazzucchelli
His services helped me move forward with my project.
Elizabeth Ury
His expertise has helped our online presence immensely! I couldn't be more pleased!
Laura Saleh
We have been working with Carl for several months, he helped us identify and new key referral source to target, a campaign and program to help us reach them, and we will continue to work with him for ongoing evaluation for the program.
Stephen Sear
My experience in doing business with Carl has been nothing but positive.
Alexander Green
His proven techniques improved our online listings and presence, so our ideal clients can find us and see how we can help. Thank you, Carl!
Dori Mages
If you are looking to grow your business talk to Carl. Make sure he's your first call.
Renee Rosado
Carl has provided great insights and ideas that I can implement within my business. Thank you... a real 5-star organization.
Mark Mraz, MBA
Carl noticed that I only had 3 reviews which were over 4 years old. So he started a campaign to reach my patients and get reviews, to boost my online presence. It started working IMMEDIATELY. The response was amazing!
Joseph Ethen
I"m truly pleased with the progress that has been made since I began working with Carl and the MarketVisory Group. In my first full month implementing the marketing strategies Carl recommended, my new patient count has doubled!I've spent the last two years aimlessly looking to grow my chiropractic practice without ever establishing who it was that I wanted to help and, even though I know that we are able to care for most people within our community, Carl has helped to bring focus and effective communication to our marketing strategy. Working with him for even a short time has saved an invaluable amount of time and resources!