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Keep Patients on Your Website Longer

keep patients on your website longer

You have a website so prospective patients and clients can get to know – like – trust you. If you make it really easy for them to do that, you increase your chances of getting their phone call.

A website is good for many reasons. Some of them are:

  • you say the problems you solve on your homepage at the top. In other words, you talk about the patient, not about yourself.
  • your copy is clear and simple to understand. Short sentences. Gets to the point.
  • your copy is informative.
  • your website is really easy to navigate. Your menu makes it obvious where information is.
  • you make it easy to contact you. Phone numbers are linked to click-to-call. A contact us form is easy to find in many place on your website

Want more depth on these tips? Click on the link below.

Keep Patients On Your Website Longer