Healthcare and Medical SEO

Help Search Engines Trust You As Much As Your Patients and Clients Do

Over 50% of the research a patient does about you is done online...before they contact you (if they ever do).

Healthcare and Medical SEO means building trust with Google

When you search for anything on Google, the search results at the top are those that Google trusts the most. Google takes a lot of different things into consideration when trying to figure out who to trust the most. Building trust with Google takes time. Building more trust takes more time. Once you’ve built trust, you have to work to keep it. If you do wrong things, you can lose some of that trust. Healthcare and medical SEO is what you do to build, grow, and keep Google’s trust.

Even if you’re doing a great job with SEO this week, there’s so much to understand and you have to work hard to make sure your practice website is beating out your competitors. Local search has become increasingly competitive these days – and SEO evolves all the time.

So how can you figure out whom you can trust with your company’s medical SEO? More than likely you get regular spam emails from people offering you “cheap” or “affordable SEO services.” Think trusting the future of your practice to the people sending you SPAM sounds crazy? It is.

Healthcare and medical SEO, done well, helps your online presence and attract new patients. Done poorly, it can prove to be an exercise in futility and frustration – and an expensive one at that.

Hire Healthcare Marketing Professionals that Understand SEO

Healthcare and medical SEO is just one part of a quality marketing system for your practice. It’s important that you have a strong profile in search results – period. If you want to enjoy more passive leads from the web and you want more targeted traffic to your website, then you definitely need a strong SEO plan.

It’s important to work with healthcare marketing professionals who understand that SEO isn’t only about keywords. SEO is actually the overarching discipline of smart online marketing. While an SEO specialist is smart and has a lot to offer, these individuals may not understand the strengths and weaknesses about your practice. They may not understand how to best position your practice in Google. You want to work with a marketing consultant that understands SEO and how your practice works.

Essential Healthcare and Medical SEO

Whether you’re starting in practice or you’ve been in practice for a while, here are the essentials of healthcare and medical SEO you should make sure you’re doing well before moving on to more advanced work:

  • Your website is designed to convert prospective patients into actual patients. Your site is easy to navigate, includes the essential information patients want, and has easy to find “contact us” forms and a click-to-call phone number.
  • Each page of your website is optimized – good meta titles and descriptions, internal and external links, alt text for images, a keyword focus.
  • You ask for and publish patient reviews on Google (and other sites) and your website.
  • You’ve published your practice listing information in many online directories. You’re also making sure those listings stay accurate.
  • You’ve claimed and optimized your Google My Business listing for each location you have, and each practitioner in each location, if possible.

Advanced Healthcare and Medical SEO

After you have the essentials down, you can move on to more advanced SEO. The sky’s the limit on what you can do. Some of the services we offer at MarketVisory Group we offer ongoing content marketing, social media management, paid advertising, email marketing, and backlinking.

We offer healthcare and medical SEO as a standalone service and as part of every marketing package we offer. 

Good healthcare and medical SEO takes time and effort – it’s not something that can be done overnight. However, with a practical plan, an healthcare marketing consultant with smart online skills, you can accomplish a lot one step at a time.


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