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Being easy to find and understand has ALWAYS mattered

Making it easy for patients to find you and understand what you do has ALWAYS mattered. Now, go back far enough in time, and there used to be only one place to go to find any business’ contact information or anything else about them.

yellow pages medical marketing agency

Today, people look in a few places for a few things

 When a prospective patient first searches for you, ​they'll usually look in a few places:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Bing
  • Healthgrades, Vitals, Psychology Today, Zocdoc, RateMDs,, or other healthcare sites (maybe)

And people usually want to know a few things about you:

  • who you are - your contact info, a bio of you and your staff
  • where you are - address and a map 
  • when you're open and closed
  • what other people say about you - patient reviews 
  • what you do - treatments and services you offer

Google looks everywhere for everything

Each of the icons below is an online site that can house information about your practice - your contact info, a description about your practice, the hours you're open and closed, insurance plans you accept, and so on. Whenever someone searches for services your offer, Google's massive algorithm looks at the information you've said about yourself anywhere online.

medical marketing directory icons

When it comes to your directory listings, what does Google want to know?

  • Are you advertising your practice in multiple locations, not just your website?
  • Is the information you advertise accurate and the same everywhere I look?

These sites are on 24/7/365. They tell Google what information they have every time Google asks. 

What happens if you have errors?

medical marketing directory scan

Here we see a snapshot of 3 different directories, each listing the contact info for Smiles of Skokie, a general and cosmetic dentist practice in Skokie, IL, and a client. The is showing the wrong phone number. doesn’t show anything. This is what I found when I started working with the owner of the practice.

Accuracy matters to people. Anyone who finds Smiles of Skokie in the yellow pages directory will call the wrong place.

Accuracy also matters to Google. People might not look in for a dentist, but Google looks everywhere. Google compares info about a practice in every directory it can find. Whenever Google sees a difference it gets a little worried. More differences? More worries. What’s Google worried about? Delivering an inaccurate search result. Google’s job is to give us search results it thinks we want. We don’t want to be given practices with wrong phone numbers, addresses, or other wrong information. Google covers itself by pushing practices like that lower in search results.

What we offer

We offer Knowledge Manager Pro. Knowledge Manager Pro creates a listing of your practice in over 60 directories that Google likes. Knowledge Manager Pro then locks down your information in each of those directories. Only you can change it. We offer Knowledge Manager Pro as a monthly subscription service.

Here’s a sample of what you can include in your listing: practice description, your hours, insurance you accept, bios of you and your staff, pictures and videos of your practice, links to your social media pages, and more.

1 -2 -3 to Get Started

First, run the free directory scan using the link at the top of this page. Second, if you want to review the scan results with us, request a consultation using the link below. Third, we’ll call you to review your scan results.

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