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Accurate Contact Info – A Core Piece of Healthcare Marketing

Can we agree that it helps your practice if your patients can always find your practice’s accurate name, address, and phone number? If we can, then you’ll agree that publishing them accurately in online directories should be prioritized in your healthcare marketing. Accurate and Identical Contact Info has ALWAYS Mattered Forget for a minute that […]

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Online Patient Reviews – A Core Piece of Healthcare Marketing

Can we agree that it helps your practice if your patients say nice things about you to other people? If we can, then you’ll agree that getting and publishing patient reviews online should be prioritized highly in your healthcare marketing. Having a good reputation has ALWAYS mattered This blog is about publicizing your reputation online. […]

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The Local SEO Playbook – Your Guide to Local Rankings

If you’re a local business, meaning most or all of your business comes from customers living in your community, you must get very serious about local SEO. Don’t worry, ranking locally for the kinds of things your prospects are looking for isn’t rocket science, but it does take a serious commitment to a handful of […]

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Google My Business: The Key to Ranking Your Local Business

For local businesses, ranking your business in Google My Business (the Google maps 3-pack) can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving. All Google products evolve as they find ways to make search better and, let’s face it, make more money from that fact. There are a handful of factors that Google uses to […]

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Page One on Google Is Your New Business Card

Do a search for your name, your company name, your product or service names. Whatever you find on page one in the Google SERPs amounts to a significant collage of how your brand is seen in the wild today. See, it doesn’t matter if your best client tells their best friend you are the most […]

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