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Content Upgrades are the New Gold Standard for Lead Capture

With so many websites online, how do you not only keep prospective patients on your site, but convert them to a lead and keep them coming back? Content upgrades. You have to give your clients added value to retain their attention. This information rich article is chocked full of relevant suggestions to elevate your website […]

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Exactly What Is A “Client Generation System?”

Login to Facebook on any given day and you’ll see dozens of ads and videos touting lead-generation systems. While they are an integral part of building our business, they are just one component of a strategy designed to gain patients. Today’s content presents an alternate perspective that often goes unlooked – the Client Generation System. […]

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black hat reputation management

Avoid Black Hat Reputation Management

You work your butt off to build a trustworthy reputation. Everyday when you go to work, your #1 goal is to make your trustworthy reputation stronger. You might use those words, but that’s really what you’re doing. It’s critical that the reputation you show online matches the trustworthy reputation you actually have.  There’s a lot that goes […]

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Respond to Negative Reviews

If a patient gave you a negative review in your office or on the phone, you’d listen and respond. Therefore, the best practice is to respond if you get a negative review online. We should treat the online world the same as the offline world whenever we can. Here in the world of healthcare, HIPAA makes […]

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client focus patient focus

Focus On The Client

You know what potential patients and clients care about the most? Themselves! They don’t care about you when they first meet you. They care about their problem. When you first meet, or when they first find you online or are referred to you, they’re trying to figure out if you can solve their problem. When I first […]

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